It is now possible to combine the benefits of both worlds – to create a classic, traditional period look using reclaimed or traditional materials with a thermally efficient building fabric to save energy.


Imagine living in a five bedroom Victorian rectory which costs about £500 a year to heat. Impossible? The reality is closer than you may think.

Best of both worlds

Using insulated concrete formwork (ICF) we can rapidly build a thermally efficient and robust shell and then ‘dress’ the exterior in either contemporary or traditional materials.


For example using traditional brick and flint on a house in a conservation area in North Norfolk gives a home that fits in with the local vernacular, but costs 70% less to heat than if it had been built in conventional cavity wall construction.

With argon gas filled ultra thin double glazed units and thin period joinery profiles, it is now possible to produce airtight sash or casement windows which closely replicate the originals and reduce heat loss to a minimum.

Although combining reclaimed materials and new technology with 100% attention to detail comes at a marginally higher price than conventional methods, the energy savings alone can typically recoup the balance over a few years in the medium term. In the longer term you would reduce your carbon footprint, doing your bit for the environment, enjoy a comfortable living environment and own a property of enhanced value.

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