Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF)

Quad-Lock insulated concrete formwork (ICF) originated in Canada and has been available in the UK since 1994. We have tested and used this building system which has convinced us to offer it to others.

With exceptional thermal performance, fire and flood resistance, ICF is an affordable way to meet new regulations with confidence and build homes which are more comfortable, energy efficient, safer and environmentally acceptable.


Quad-Lock particularly offers architects a wide variety of design options and creative scope. Unlike many ‘eco’ home systems, ICF can be used to build houses of a more conventional appearance, with brick or stone walls and a pitched, tiled roof to fit more comfortably with the expectations of the UK homeowner.

Approved construction

Insulating formwork is built up and then filled with concrete to give easily assembled walls which are exceptionally strong, well insulated, sound proof, fire and damp resistant – it meets all regulatory approvals, is A* rated in the BRE Green Guide and endorsed by the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

While it is our preferred choice, Quad-Lock is not necessarily the cheapest ICF product. There are times when other ICF products such as ICF-Tech, Amvic and Logix are better suited to the client’s design and budget requirements.

All four offer excellent build quality and simplicity, outperforming conventional cavity wall construction in build speed and thermal efficiency every time.

Rapid construction

The ICF method also allows substantially higher build speeds than a conventional cavity wall construction. This is the timetable of a substantial new dwelling built in a conservation area using the Quadlock faced in brick, flint and cedar cladding, saving approximately 70% in heating costs compared to standard typical cavity wall construction.

  • 205m2 footprint, with curves and offset walls. Ground floor walls completed by working day 9.

A substantial new dwelling built in a conservation area using the Quadlock insulated wall construction system externally faced in brick, flint and cedar cladding. Quick to build compared to traditional methods and thermally efficient.

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